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Cutting Edge Conferences & Events (CCEvent) is a full service conference/events and association management company specializing in the organization of high level conferences, workshops, seminars and events. CCEvent offers complete strategic and logistical solutions in consulting and organizing international meetings, congresses, conferences and exhibitions.

CCEvent establishes long-standing relationships that focus on your strategic issues and challenges. We become an extension of your organization delivering sustainable solutions within your event environment. We continuously provide the best quality service at affordable pricing for the benefit of our clients from all around the world.

Survey results show that 90% of the delegates are satisfied and willing to come another organization of CCEvent.

80% of the delegates plan to recommend events they attend.

No matter what the size of your event, from 10 to 10.000, CCEvent can manage the entire production of your organization’s event arrangements

Here are a number of services we can provide:

  • Site Selection

  • Hotel Contract Negotiation

  • Coordination of Convention & Hotel Help

  • Marketing and Promotional Handling

  • Exhibit Promotion, Management & Marketing

  • Pre-registration Processesing of Delegates

  • On-Site Registration & Coordination

  • Name Badges & Signage

  • Theme Party Arrangements

  • Financial Budgeting & Reporting

  • Travel Discounts & Logistical Arrangements

  • Audio-Visual/Video-Taping Arrangements

  • Liaison with Third Party Vendors

  • Sponsorship/Funding Programs

  • Social&Technical Tours

  • Media Relations of the Event

  • Complete Website Design

  • Online Ragistration Handling

CCEvent has over 30 years experience to handle your event needs.

Moise Shares His Experience of Hosting Conferences

Andrei Octav Moise is no stranger to hosting conferences. Making a name for himself in the business world, Moise is a largely respected man and has already hosted multiple business conferences before. He knows the amount of work and planning needed in order to organize a conference, and has shown massive respect for the team who made it possible. In one instance, Moise describes what goes behind the scenes, and even shares details about a company of which a colleague of his claims to have helped them in founding their own conference.

Planning out a conference is no easy feat; one must start planning at around six months before the opening date. During this long period of time. Countless ideas are first brought upon in order to find the best ways to appease potential participants. The available budget is taken into account during the discussion; with a proper budget plan, a staff is assembled, the venue and accommodation is planned out, available candidates for speakers are considered, and plans for marketing and promotion are put into action. It can be a very overwhelming task if you are not prepared or knowledgeable in hosting conferences.

And here is where an event management company’s assistance is appreciated. Event management is described as “the task of coordinating, planning, organizing, and launching an event". A good event company is ready to provide a wide range of advanced resources and services as well as a highly capable staff, whose purpose is to ensure that the event goes off without a hitch. With capable experts in hand, event management companies are immensely helpful and can even save you time and money when planning for an event or conference.

Moise then recalls one such company that a colleague of his mentioned to him, referred to as the Cutting Edge Conferences & Events Company. Shortened to CCEvent, it is a full service conference and events management company that specializes in the organization of high level conferences and events, as well as workshops and seminars. CCEvent offers legitimate strategic solutions in organizing conferences and exhibitions, focusing mainly on developing strategic solutions for issues and challenges that event or conference holders may face.

According to his colleague, they were satisfied to know that CCEvent has provided them numerous services that have helped immensely in making sure their conference went well. From selecting a proper venue, to contracting and negotiating with hotels, to providing necessary equipment, to handling the budgeting and marketing for the entire operation, CCEvent took all the necessary steps when it came to managing the entire production of the conference.

Moise knows how difficult hosting a conference can really be, especially if one is not prepared to face the herculean task of managing everything - from planning, to budgeting, and to marketing. He and many others in the business world are the first to tell you how event management companies are immensely helpful in making sure that the conferences they host go off well. And in this case, CCEvent has proven themselves capable and reliable of facing the task.


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Besides managing conferences & events CCEvent is a full service association and industry management provider. The daily workings of an organization can not only be tedious but monotonous. The so called “back office” operations of a professional association or industry think-tank are fundamental to maintaining a contented and enthusiastic membership base as well as keeping the organization profitable.

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